Silver plating

Important instructions for use

Congratulations on purchasing a high-quality silverplated product. We thank you for putting your trust in our product. To make sure you can enjoy your purchase for many years, we kindly ask that you observe the following product information regarding the natural changes that occur on the surface:
  • Silver is essentially a rather soft raw material, especially when compared with much harder stainless steel or Cromargan®. It therefore goes without saying that scratches on the surface are unavoidable when the product is used on a daily basis.
  • When you first begin using the product, individual scratches are more noticeable for a while than later on. Therefore, the formation of a patina is a natural and intended effect of a silverplated product, and one which will occur sooner or later depending on the intensity and frequency in which it is used.
  • Silverplated products may also darken. The black discolouration that occurs is a normal chemical reaction. The surface reacts sensitively to sulphurous gases, small quantities of which can be found in the air and in food. This discolouration is not a product defect and can easily be removed using a special cleaning agent.


Please note the following with regard to the handling of silverplated products:

  • Clean off any food residues after use and rinse immediately wherever possible.
  • Do not leave to soak in water or expose to damp for longer periods.
  • Dispense cleaning agents and additives according to the instructions.
  • For cutlery: when cleaning in the dishwasher, sort cutlery and place it in the basket with the handle facing downwards. Scratches can be avoided by sorting cutlery before cleaning. Please take particular care with the sharp edges of blades, which can be damaged easily through improper contact with other pieces of cutlery.
  • Remove cutlery from the dishwasher as soon as possible after


Caring for your silverplated products and observing our tips on how to handle them correctly will enable you to minimise such changes to the surface.