Who can obtain a quotation from WMF HOTEL?

Only catering establishments (hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, etc.), commercial enterprises, staff canteens and patient canteens are permitted to send in enquiries to WMF HOTEL.

Do all visitors have to register and log in?

No, any user can of course view our products on the Internet. However, users have to register before a quotation can be produced. Users who have already registered during a previous visit only need to log in.

Is there a charge for making an enquiry?

After registration, enquiries can of course be made completely free of charge and without obligation.

How long does it take to obtain a quotation?

A quotation will normally be produced within 5 working days (for Germany).

Can I order online from WMF HOTEL?

No, but any visitor can obtain a personal quotation on request.

WMF contact:

Tel. +49 (0) 72 31 / 4885 500