Steak cutlery RODEO

It’s a warm summer evening, the barbecue is sizzling and you cut through your perfectly roasted steak like butter - Surely you are already looking forward to the barbecue season!

The perfect tool for steak lovers!

There is one thing that makes enjoying meat even better: the perfect cutlery. WMF Professional has the perfect solution with its new RODEO cutlery. As its name suggests, it not only makes light work of an authentic Texan steak and jacket potato, it also cuts spare ribs into bite-sized pieces.

Guests will be amazed at just how easily the blade with 2.0 millimetre serrated edge cuts into the meat. The wooden look of the handle, which is achieved through a combination of brown colours owing into one another, makes the cutlery a real eye-catcher. The traditional, elegant look of RODEO is not only perfect in steakhouses or ne dining restaurants, this all-rounder is also a hit with burger bars.