WMF Professional
Your concept carried to the table.

Larder stocked, venue open for business. Everything in hand, guests content.

We are your professional partner that brings it all together: the character of your establishment, your culinary aspirations, that subtle touch of atmosphere. Tackling challenges pragmatically, solving problems intelligently, optimising processes efficiently – we think your way, we help you on your way.

For restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, kitchens or cafeterias, look to us for the products that help your business to operate. As one of the world's biggest producers of buffet equipment and tabletop pieces, we exclusively offer the full range from WMF as well as products from other brands.

We are your one-stop store that carries your concept to the table, complete with consulting, sales and logistics; everything from a single source, from a single warehouse, through a single contact partner. We are at your service just as you are at the service of your guests. In person. WMF Professional.

Everything thought through. Every detail taken care of.

We stage the setting. As a buffet and tabletop specialist, we supply ideally-harmonised stylistic worlds comprised of cutlery series, flatware and glassware collections, accessories for serving and seasoning, and table decorations.

And behind the scenes products ideally-fitted to the kitchen keep workstreams flowing smoothly. We use all our know-how to shortlist WMF products - but we also directly access other manufacturers’ portfolios.

We set the stage: which products carry your concept perfectly, add the essential final touch to the overall experience?
Our strong partner community
Our strong partner community
Our strong partner community
Our strong partner community
By working together closely with you, we help you get the ideal solution in place on the table. Aesthetically, functionally and emotively. No matter how long the day turns out to be - as your professional partner and the no. 1 on the market, we make the occasion more enjoyable for your guests and a bigger success for your business.

Gastronomy is our lingua franca. We listen intently. And understand everything you say.

We develop a custom process tailored to your specifics that offers you smooth service in every phase of your business operations. In Germany and throughout Europe, we are your one-stop store. One for all: Products from WMF and other manufacturers. All for one: You.

In the background: the reliability, competence and dependability of WMF. A partner with a tremendous appetite for challenges, driven and dedicated to finding the best of all possible solutions and proudly saying: We helped carry your concept to the table.

We'd be delighted to join you at your table. Just tell us when and where.

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WMF Professional

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