• WMF firstglass DIVINE

    WMF firstglass DIVINE

    As in the days when cutlery was individually hand-made, wine glasses from the WMF DIVINE collection impress with their gently curved, thin-walled bodies, which flow into soft lines at the stem and base. The glass tapers off at the top, adding to the pleasure of drinking and letting the bouquet of your wine develop in the optimum way. The timelessly beautiful shape enhances your place settings and gives every table a festive feel!
  • WMF firstglass ROYAL

    WMF firstglass ROYAL

    The extended handle, the elongated graceful shape and the crystal clear glass are all characteristics of wine glasses from the WMF ROYAL series. Despite their lightweight appearance and exclusive charm, the glasses are resistant and durable. This means that the ROYAL collection offers the perfect glass for all aspects of haute cuisine, and guarantees an elegant ambience.
  • WMF firstglass SMART

    WMF firstglass SMART

    The timeless design of the SMART glass series is aimed at the more discerning dining establishments. Though typically thick-walled and robust, it is still well balanced and easy to handle. The functional SMART series is endowed with clear lines and deliberately designed as a streamlined range, and includes the right glasses for any occasion in everyday life.
  • WMF firstglass MANHATTAN

    WMF firstglass MANHATTAN

    Tumblers in the MANHATTAN series are true all-rounders, which captivate with their massive "ice cube". They are ideal for whisky and other drinks served "on the rocks", long and soft drinks and liquors, and also for non-alcoholic drinks such as juice, water and lemonade. Just one glass from the MANHATTAN collection is enough to equip your drinks bar for everything.


    From espresso to cappuccino and latte macchiato to a cold brew or long drink: The TRUE FLAVOUR Barista Collection from WMF is a real crystal glass innovation for enjoying coffee specialities and more.