SYNERGY: Business/functional aspect

SYNERGY: Business/functional aspect
Clear, timeless, geometrically balanced - and extremely functional! Porcelain for everyday gastronomy has to meet numerous requirements. At the same time, restaurateurs and hoteliers expect high functionality. The SYNERGY porcelain series, in combination with the eye-catchers from STYLE LIGHTS, meets even the highest demands. Designer Andrea Luft knows what this means for the development of WMF's first own porcelain collection.

How can the needs of restaurateurs on the one hand be reconciled with the demands on design on the other?

AL: SYNERGY is clearly made for the catering professional. This means that the collection is consistently tailored to the needs and areas of application in the catering trade. The possible applications cover the entire gastronomic day: from breakfast to casual and fine dining to buffet and banquet. Design thinking workshops have helped to understand the gastronomic professional and his needs - without losing sight of the demands on the design.

What functions do gastronomes place particular importance on when it comes to tableware?

AL: For the gastronomy professional, various criteria are decisive. Excellent quality, which is provided by particularly high edge impact and abrasion resistance as well as a resistant glaze hardness, is a prerequisite for porcelain products. But stackability and handling in service also play an important role. Here it is important to pay attention to the right ergonomics. In order to ensure flexible use and exceptional combinability, the collection must have a balanced depth of range. With all these "hard facts", the design must not be neglected. We have absolutely succeeded in achieving this combination with SYNERGY.

What are the key business criteria when you develop porcelain for the gastronomic sector?

AL: Gastronomes look for a balanced price-performance ratio with great durability. They also attach great importance to flexibility and combinability. This makes a collection efficient and expandable over the long term. Branded products also play a major role here - WMF Professional is the perfect partner.

What role do the porcelain items from the SIGNATURE range play on the table?

AL: The extensive basic range offers everything that restaurateurs could wish for, from barista cups to elegant flag plates and gourmet plates. At the same time, it represents the calm, broad base. The signature items take on the role of "showpieces". They provide a stage on the set table for surprising food presentations - some even on several levels. If we think of the table as a stage, these products are the entertainers that communicate with the guest in a particularly surprising way. So to speak, the part of the staging that is particularly fun. Both the Basic Collection and the Signature Items can be excellently combined with the products from the STYLE LIGHTS trend and lifestyle collection. In combination: a feast for the senses.

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