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The new casualness in the restaurant: Casual Dining: When the rough wooden table meets designer chairs and mix & match defines the table arrangement, then the Casual Dining trend is behind it. Casualness determines the atmosphere - in the furnishings as well as in the guests' wardrobe or the food creations. Yet casual dining doesn't have to sacrifice style. It is precisely this casual ease that makes for a particularly cosmopolitan dining culture - and this is also reflected on the table setting.

Mix & Match includes all Table Top elements

Glasses in different shapes and colors as well as porcelain in unusual design. All this combined with cutlery from different styles. What appears at first glance to be a thrown-together ensemble is deliberate in casual dining and an integral part of the table setting. A material mix of wood, enamel, stone, ceramics and porcelain is just as much a part of it as exciting food arrangements. The SYNERGY porcelain collection meets all the requirements of fine dining with the items in the STYLE LIGHTS series.


Endless combination possibilities

SYNERGY was designed so that the boutique hotel as well as the veggie restaurant or the hip burger joint can find exactly the items that underline their own gastronomic concept. The basic collection includes small, deep or shallow plates and bowls in a wide variety of sizes, as well as oval platters for spectacular service presentations or as a stage for dipping dishes. Items such as the rectangular Mr. Serve platter from the SIGNATURE ITEMS category provide an additional wow effect. At the same time, the plate can be used just as well as a platter. This versatility leaves nothing to be desired.


Materials with Feel Good Character

Ceramic items reminiscent of beaches with turquoise water or in dark graphite create the perfect casual dining table ambience. Glassware in dark blue or rosé sets additional accents. Natural elements such as wood, marble or iron must not be missing from this mix, of course. The decisive factor is that shapes, colors, surfaces and materials create a harmonious picture. Then the feel-good factor is guaranteed - and they can enjoy this combination of relaxation and aesthetics to the fullest.

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