The SPOT – Serviced Apartments: We invite you to stay.

The SPOT – Serviced Apartments: We invite you to stay.
Serviced apartments and aparthotels are a real alternative to hotels – for business travellers, people looking for accommodation or for millennials who love to travel. This is especially true when it comes to an apartment building with a casual New York style like “The SPOT – Serviced Apartments”.

Located south of the Olympic Park, 62 suites invite guests to enjoy the lifestyle of the “Big Apple” in the middle of Munich. The interior has been kept simple in black and white, and the furnishings – from the mattress to the flat-screen TV to the kitchenette – are all of high quality. That is why the operators rely on WMF quality for the equipment in the kitchen. The result: the products match the interior concept down to the smallest detail.


Big city style table top
When making their selection, the team at The SPOT – Serviced Apartments, working together with the WMF sales department, attached great importance to having a consistent style – right through to the table settings. The straight lines of the BASE cutlery collection therefore underline the simplicity of the genuine New York style. The glassware from the SMART series also blends harmoniously with the ambience of a big city loft. All of the pots and pans, as well as kitchen aids like the can openers or the waiter’s knife for opening the wine bottles are just as impressive in their design.


Repurchase guarantee: for when things break
Choosing professionals with a complete product portfolio has a particular advantage: all the items can be reordered at any time, should a glass slip out of your hand. An example: for a large building with 200 apartments, about 30 glasses will be needed every month. If the equipment is not supplied by a professional company, buying replacements is often very costly. If the required series is no longer available, then the worst case scenario is that a similar one is supplied. The result: the equipment just looks “thrown together”. Great then if a year-long repurchase guarantee is offered by your partner. Even better if you just have a single contact person for ordering, regardless of what you need at that particular moment.

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